An exclusive style guide for the Azeem Aries!

Girl you’re on FIRE! As the first sign of the zodiac and a feisty fire sign, these Nighats turn up the heat wherever they go! Creative and cool when it comes to fashion, they love owning their looks. Aries are fashion trendsetters and are not afraid to wear super bold, daring pieces.

So if you’re in search of a little help from the stars for your next chai look, look no further. We at GENERATION have concocted the perfect style guide for you in harmony with the stars!



Hot headed as they come, the Aries power colour is RED! And it’s common to find them obsessed with it. Aries are driven and a true embodiment of #NoNonsenseNighat and their sartorial choices are a reflection of that.

Our Gulzaib tunic is the perfect mirchi rung for an Aries. With an embroidered yoke, placket and sleeves, this pure, unadulterated red is THE one for you! Get it for PKR 2998 at https://bitlylink.com/nu9fU

If you’re into floor grazing silhouettes (we know you LOVE to make quite an entrance), the Toda Pakhur front slit dress, adorned with mukaish is the perfect choice! Get it for PKR 3998 at https://bitlylink.com/k0EiC

Though hot headed at first, these girls are dil ki achi. White and pink helps calm them down and keep that fiery temper in check. This pleated piece from Pantone Power has flared sleeves and an abundance of pleats! Get it at https://bitlylink.com/LCzOx


Aries LOVE including a pop of bold colour in their outfit such as a fire engine kameez or a khatta orange dupatta. Think ‘shokh’ rung when thinking of an Aries. Red, orange, fuchsia are perfect for fire signs as they command ‘all eyes on you’ action that Aries thrive on!

Get our Folk suit in a bright, popping print and embroidery, complete with a sussi shalwar and crushed dupatta for PKR 7998 at https://bitlylink.com/l4bTS. Remember, the brighter, the better!

Our Kacho Pakko Co-ords will bring the sunshine back in your life! Get them for PKR 7798 at https://bitlylink.com/UXGFP today!

If you prefer embroidery over print and clean silhouettes in general, the Gulzaib tunic is the one for you. Get it for PKR 3398 at https://bitlylink.com/TFaKN


You’re as hot as they come and super confident in your own skin. Which is EXACTLY why you follow the ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’ motto! You love to flaunt a little skin! All we can say? Work it girl!

Get our Pantone Power peek-a-boo tunic for PKR 3198 at https://bitlylink.com/ZTAKX and turn the heat up!


Aries are creative and cool when it comes to fashion. A master of the classics, they can easily transition to street style cool. Just grab a classic shirt, pair it with cool joggers and a badass paranda and you’re good to go!

Shop the Toda Pakhur for PKR 2898 at https://bitlylink.com/nZ1Db today!

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