You are not a Desi, if you don’t do these 3 things at Weddings

To All The Desi Women out there,  If you do the following you are definitely  the one. Featured in this blog is Fatima, a desi at heart.

 Stuff potlis with illaichi and other munchies!

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It is every desi girl’s go to energy reserve until the dances finish and food is served! You are not a desi until you strategize to gather as many “bids” at a wedding and then hoard them in your potli! 

Shop this Palki 2-Pc for Rs,5,199/- online on sale.


Also then you sift through the bid to pick your favorite things and do barters with other people to make your own favorite assortment! Fatima’s favorite is an illaichi, tell us what is yours?


Kufayat Shuwaar 


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Let’s face it, wedding clothes are expensive! Also they take effort to make! Also you need to be able to wear your favorite shirt different ways without it looking similar to your last look! Desi women are so kufayat shuwaar when it comes to wedding clothes in the sense of recycling the same outfit to make it look different everytime!

Fun facts: Fatima’s most clothes belong to her mother, dug out of the attic and borrowed from friends, Tada… wedding ready on a budget.


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Nani ka kaam wala dupatta

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Nani ka dupatta, or kya? Nobody can beat those vintage looking net dupattas! Raise your hand if you too are guilty of planning an entire outfit around one dupatta! And those dupattas carry so much pyaar and maamta as they are passed from one generation to the next. They’re your best investment, trust us!!

Fatima is in the  Embellished Palki Lehnga Choli, paired with embroidered net Dupatta from the Bandit Queen  collection.

Shop Lehnga Choli for Rs.7,599/- and the embroidered dupatta for Rs.3,439/- on sale.


Fatima is wearing the Palki Lehnga Choli two different ways! Which one do you like more?

Let us know in comments what makes the desi in you!

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