The 3-step Baemisaal tricks to feeling better (feat. shaadi season)

Ditching her bad friend aka anxiety

Her presence instantly captivates the room, she is bright, bubbly and a joyful burst of energy. She runs the body positivity blog @gofiguremyfigure and boasts of an avid following on Instagram.

Today on World Mental Health Day, on our blog we have Baemisaal who talks about ditching everyday bad friend “anxiety” and her zabardast mechanism of “looking into the mirror and smile”, scroll down to read what she has to say:


All the Small Things in Life Count: Make them Great!

Let the tiniest moments that will eventually become HUGE, mean the most. Here are somethings that make me happy and somethings that make me incredibly sad. But I’m okay. Hope you are too.

I am happy that I have good friends to connect with on levels, mentally and spiritually. I am happy my mother is alive and breathing. I love my sisters; they make me feel understood. I am happy I got good grades — I worked very hard for them. I am happy and perfect the way I am right now. I love seeing clouds and rainy days, especially if I have a friend with me. I love driving and blasting music while I do it. I love dressing up for weddings no matter what my body looks like. Contrary to popular opinion- “saris are for thin people”- a sari is the most versatile, easy thing to have in your almaari!

Here’s me dressing up for a shaadi in the “Katan Kahani”  jacquard Sari for Rs.8,898/- You can shop this in stores or order via whatsapp.


No one does it quite like you. In this gigantic hovering galactic sphere, there’s only one you and I think that’s pretty cool. (That’s what I told myself!) …My bad friend aka anxiety is now slowly out of picture.


Look, Feel Good

I found what I like, or what I already have and made it my own. I found colors on days I needed to bloom, and monotones on days I’d rather fade into the background. I glazed myself with the magic that is secretly residing within those items. You wear you and you already look good wearing it. No one does it quite like you. In this gigantic hovering galactic sphere, there’s only one you and I think that’s pretty cool. (That’s what I told myself!)

So, I decided to play dress up with some gorgeous pieces from GENERATION.

 Shop this Noor Bano 2-Pc in stores and online for Rs.5,698/- 


Shop this Mughal Booti Mardana Shirt for Rs.3,498/-


You wear you and you already look good wearing it. Shop this Charcoal Madras Sari for Rs.7,498/-


I love this green and grey sari! The blouse is fully covered, so quite perfect for modest girls, practical wear or going to see very critical rishtaydaar 😉   The nonsensical unsolicited opinions don’t matter. This was for me and I feel good!


Accept and be Better Everyday

Lemme tell you something I’ve learnt. There will always be 2 or more parts of you. One that is mean — one that is bullied. You CAN make the mean one nice or use their pressure to make you better. Accept all the meanness you throw at yourself and accept it. I continue to work on myself because that is all I can do. Being better everyday is something that gives me peace. I’m okay. I am not broken. I can do this. I am strong. I love my body, my hair, my face, my clothes, my everything.

So here’s me in GENERATION formals but with the pandemic who the heck knows when you’ll go to a wedding (I know this is a lie because I see your insta stories but let’s pretend to be sensible). ANYWAY, this is a pinky-mauve version and the retro galla of my dreams.

Shop this Noor Bano 2-Pc in stores and online for Rs.5,698/- 


On a lighter note: I am fat. I am short. I am a woman. I am weird. I am over the top. And what Brenda?

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