Our first steps towards a more Eco-friendly future.

The world witnessed 16 year old climate activist Greta Thunberg’s powerful and emotional speech in New York this Monday, 23rd September at the United Nation’s Climate Action Summit and we can’t help fan-girling over her since then!

The speech was heartfelt and impassioned; urging world leaders to take climate change seriously and to do something to stop a global warming trend that will affect the world’s children more than anyone else.

Climate change and sustainability are matters of extreme urgency and it’s very reassuring to see other brands going green and stepping up to combat this growing issue and giving this global topic the emotional gravity it truly deserves. If there’s something that deserves us to be jazbaati about, it’s this!


GEN HQ (Lahore)


We realize the urgency of the matter and have vowed to take certain steps to minimize our carbon footprint on the environment. It’s a long road but hey, baby steps!



For starters, a vast majority of our winter styles for 2019 are 100% cotton  and there is minimal use of polyester and synthetic fabrics.

When Generation was born, polyester garments were rife in the market, and that’s what was special about generation from day 1, that it brought about the revival of cotton. Pakistan is a cotton rich country and all our cotton is locally sourced, availing the resources of this agriculturally rich country. Cotton has from the beginning defined Generation.



We at GEN HQ  believe in  air drying our clothes rather than using faster and harmful techniques.



A huge chunk of our leftover/waste fabric is recycled – the rest is made into fabric bags to be used as an alternative to plastic bags. For now, biodegradable plastic bags are used in all the stores and we are also planning on using other recyclable products in place of biodegradable plastic bags.

Our trims and tiny fabrics such as leftovers from over locking are sold to mills that later recycle them into spools of thread.

We will also introduce a line of accessories made entirely of waste fabric called ‘RE-GENERATE’

Our unsold stitched and leftover unstitched fabric along with defected pieces goes to our factory outlet where it is sold at a discounted price.  Nothing is wasted!



Generation is also taking conscious steps to engage with vendors who are ethically responsible – checking our suppliers and mills for their green practices.


We are placing segregated waste bins in our studio to promote responsible waste disposal. We are also minimizing the use of one time plastic at our shoots.

We also make it a point to create awareness for the masses through our campaigns. We have more than 250 trees in our HQ in an attempt to neutralise our carbon footprint.

GEN HQ (Lahore)



While we do stress upon using responsible and sustainable methods of manufacturing, we must also urge people to let go of the concept of ‘disposable fashion.’ For this reason, we put extra effort and thought into our care labels and tags which are comprehensive and provide information for the proper care of the garment, thereby increasing its lifecycle.



Generation garments – especially from the Classic and Cottage line are designed keeping longevity in mind. They can be worn repeatedly over many years without going out of style. A lot of our loyal customers love to tell us how they have been holding on to their Gen pieces for decades.

Moreover, customers who shop for Rs 5000 and above in store and online get a free reusable fabric bag with their purchase! In addition, we are introducing non-woven bags in our stores very soon!



Baby steps are all it takes to begin a huge movement!  We are in the process of collaborating with environmental scientists and expert international organizations to measure our carbon footprint and provide strategic solutions to cut down our carbon emissions and become a more environmentally conscious entity, hoping that one day, Generation will become a carbon neutral organisation.


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