The resurrection of the good old sneaker by our very own Nighats!


When the clock strikes iftaar and you HAVE to make a run for that pakora platter, there is NOTHING worse than dealing with frivolous shoes that aren’t comfortable.

We know we know when you first set your eyes on a heel you love on Instagram or at the mall; your first thought is that you want… no need it in your closet. But soon, that lustful feeling fades and all that is left is the realisation that those shoes are probably painful and most definitely hard to walk in!


If you told us a few years ago that sneakers – every fashionista’s guilty secret would ever be considered cool enough to get a moment in the limelight, we would have rolled our eyes so far back… And yet, here we are. Nighat has singlehandedly resurrected the sneaker trend. After you’re done cracking a few dad jokes, you could probably do a quick Instagram photo shoot and get a solid amount of likes!

A fashion staple for Nighat (and the international fashion crowd), sneakers pair well with everything from dresses to kurtas to anarkalis, angrakhaas and even saris!

Being donned by the likes of celebrities and influencers like Ayeza Khan, Eman Suleman, Marya Javed and Anushka Qizilbash, there is no denying that sneakers are a great way to add a ‘sporty chic’ vibe to your outfit.

Comfy sneakers are the best for everyday wear. A pair of running shoes don’t have to be worn just for running and can be styled stunningly! The femininity of a dress combined with a bulky pair of sneakers creates the perfect balance of luxe and cool!

Sneakers are so versatile – you can wear a big clunky shoe one day and a sleek one the next, complete with a trippy colour scheme. The cherry on top? They’re super duper comfy!

They’re also great for adding some height minus the excruciating pain that comes with a peep toe heel!


How do you style your sneakers? Let us know in the comments below and upload your pictures with the hashtag #stepoutside to show us the different ways you incorporate sneakers into your everyday wardrobe!

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