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The stylist’s guide to a new wardrobe without buying ANYTHING!

What’s even the point, I bet a-lot of you are wondering, kahin jana to hai nahi, ghar per hee bethna hai…. then why bother? Well let’s face it, you, me and perhaps even some of our mums, may be stuck with our privileged behinds sitting at home, (as the world we knew coming to an altogether halt) but… THE GRAM MUST GO ON!

Yes, the cat’s out of the bag, we’re living for the likes, and the Instagram life ain’t half as easy as the real one. Every shot has got to be unique; you want to be looking your best without even looking like you tried, every tiny detail in your next ‘candid’ moment must be curated to perfection, and a sick wardrobe is key key KEY!

Fun talk aside, these are also very tumultuous times for most of us, a lot of us are having to go without pay if we’re lucky enough to not be laid off, and even if you may have that kind of disposable cash lying around, there are other more important things you could do with it, doing your part donating to the relief funds set up to aid the destitute, or even just saving for yourself or family in case of a medical or financial emergency. To buy new clothes, in these times may not perhaps be as rewarding as it once was. So what to do? Summer is officially here and with all the free time your Instafam has on their hands, their fingers are itching to click on that like button! You cant keep them hanging can you?

With these simple tricks you can get a whole new look without (virtually) even spending a dime!

So lets get on with it shall we?



Let’s turn up the notch on creativity here! Anything, and we mean ANYTHING could be your next OOTD if you put your mind and some sewing skills into it. Bring out those needles and cutting shears and if you don’t trust yourself around a sewing machine, time to make some nice chai for Ami and brushing up on those buttering skills!

That Sussi shalwar that’s just tooo adorable but you’ve worn it literally everywhere? Just flip it over, cut a neck hole out of the aasan and voila! You have an avant garde batwing top! Turn your kameezes into crop tops, dresses into tunics and blouses into kotis with just a few snips tucks and whirrs of the sewing machine!

You could also give old tshirts and light coloured tops a whole new outlook by trying out some fun tie-dye techniques! Check out this tutorial! Also, another reason to be thankful for our desi roots, being blessed with having a closet full of the most versatile piece of clothing that EXISTS! Not only are there 100 ways to use it but theirs literally 100 ways to WEAR it too!

Check out these amazing makeshift dupatta outfits concocted by these cool cats!

This risqué knot top by stylist supreme Haiya Bokhari




A super cool shalwar!

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Tryna find my place in the kitchen.

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Or this elegant creation by


So once a colleague walked into the office with these super cute polka dot printed patches on her jeans, and everyone, literally EVERYONE swarmed around her asking where she nabbed such a hot find, she rolled her eyes and laughed ‘my mom found the rips in my jeans too haram so she stitched these patches into them’  I cannot begin to tell you how chic they looked but what I  definitely can tell you is that you can totally apply this technique to not only refurbish old clothes but give them a whole new outlook altogether! Use leftover patches from last year’s lawn jorra packets or extract cute print details from old scarves or even bedsheets! Trust me, anything is salvageable once you put your mind to it!

Bonus tip; if you’ve got some old natural fiber whites or light colours lying around, you can easily give them a new lease of life by using vegetables or fruits to dye them!
Follow these simple steps at Homemade Natural Dyes | POPSUGAR Smart Living



There couldn’t be a more perfect time to throw out the styling rule book altogether!

Forget everything you’ve ever heard been told about what can and can’t be done, what colours go together and what dont, what kind of pants must be worn with what kind of top, wear what shoes try that weird colour combination, don’t wear this if you’re short, don’t wear that if you’re tall…. PISH POSH! There couldn’t be a better time to go crazy, try new things that you couldn’t afford to with a busy lifestyle, you can actually use this time to figure out what really works for YOU, and really be able to personalize your future style choices as well.

Pair that crop top with that funky shalwar, put on that baggy t-shirt with mum’s old sari, pull that skirt up and wear it as a top. Wear a kameez with denim overalls. Unlearn everything you’ve been told to believe about style and really write your own rules! Even if you make a few mistakes along the way, the benefits of this exercise will far outweigh the drawbacks!

 While our online store remains functional, we’d understand if your orders don’t start lining up as they used to, these are tough times for all of us, Perhaps we can persevere with the hope that we’ll come through this and be able to live, laugh and buy as we once used to!

Signing out, with love from GENERATION….

Cover Illustration by Mahnoor Ahmad

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