The simple beauty of composting


Is all waste really just waste? Yes you often come to hear of large corporate entities conducting recycling drives and and putting up recycling plants, sounds like a really big investment and frankly quite a tiresome task doesn’t it? Maybe we’re forgetting there is also a simpler and easier way you could be reducing your contribution to the trash can while the benefits of your actions spring up right in your very front (or back) yard!
You might remember your dadi jaan or bi ama clearing the accumulated chai ki patti from the strainer into the kyari or the lawn, or woh bachpan ke din when you’d toss the pits of the fruits you ate into the garden, hopeful of it sprouting into a tree, well you might’ve really been onto something! A number of items from our everyday waste contain nutrients that benefit soil tremendously, providing your plantations with the means to thrive!


The A/W 19’ campaign is a journey into a fantastical setting, celebrating the joys and beauty of the simple things you might find in your waste bin, guess we took the saying ‘one man’s trash is an another’s treasure’ albeit a little too literally.
Discarded tea-leaves, fruit peels and seeds, wilted flowers, egg shells and even used paper! All of these ingredients if processed correctly can do wonders for your garden!


Shop from our Polski Collection online here.


We celebrate the wonders of the fruit peel with the Polski collection, a vibrant ode to rich Polish embroidery art, laden intricately on miniature checks in hues of deep yellows, greens and monotone stripes, Paired with beautifully designed geometrical dupattas and solid lowers.


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The pristine eggshell gets a clean slate with the serene Cardinal collection, creamy fabrics in subtle hues of mint, dusty pink and tangerine crafted into fluid easy to wear tunics.


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For the regal tea party, the girls dressed in hand embroidered wonders from the Patch Pop and Vintage Heirloom collections, a befittingly rich colour palette of acid green, magenta, scarlet and midnight blue worked upon with tireless ralli work and miniature cross stitch embroidery paired with contrast dupattas.


Shop from our A/W collections in stores and online.


Shop from our A/W collections in stores and online.


The wilted flora find their match with Russian Roulette sparkling gold spun fabrics laden with hand embellishments and printed trims, along with Chamak a glistening ode to Sindhi embroidery on an array of jewel tones.

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Paper, the final additive in our potion of enrichment, depicted through the Walled City collection, inspired by the 2d depiction of Mughal architecture in miniature paintings translated into a rich gold spun jacquard fabric on an earthy shade of madder red.
The campaign stars Eman Suleman, Sundal Roy, Abeera Riaz, Maham Ali, and a very pregnant Anam Malik, whose expecting her bundle of joy in just a couple of weeks , Photographed by Mahoor Jamal with Art direction by Mariam Ibraaz, assisted by Ifrah Khan and styling by Harris Masood with jewellery crafted in-house by Ifrah Khan and Hair and Makeup by Fatima Nasir.

Re-GENerate is Now Live in stores and online.

Here’s hoping you’ll never look at your trash as just trash again 😉

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