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Are you aware of toy buying basics? Sure, your pint sized player aka tiddu’s eyes might light up when you hand them the next bright, colourful, shiny khelona but that actually causes more harm than good. You might not know it but your kids could be playing with harmful plastic toys.

We believe in starting them young and it’s never too early to teach your kids about sustainability and how what they buy/want can impact the world they live in. Meet Sasha, a mother of 1, whose quest for eco-conscious living is shared by her daughter.

A video on our YouTube channel on fruits of green parenting.


Encouraging them to play with natural toys is not only 100% safe, but also promotes development and imagination as opposed to shiny, chatty toys so readily available in the market.

Plastic toys can contain really harmful materials like lead, phthalates, BPA and PVC. We know, these sound like words from a very scary chemical lab. Plastic toys not only harm the world that your children will grow up in, but the chemicals in them are also linked with attention disorders, cancer cell growth, early onset of puberty and obesity.

Naturally, to help you mommies out of your predicament, we searched far and wide for some fun DIY projects which will give your kids relief from screen time (snatch that Ipad away) and indulge their creative side!

DIY twig boat!

Have a bit of a scavenger hunt and make your kids collect some stray twigs for this epic DIY twig boat!

Find the instructions at:

Twig Boat Craft

Paper spinner toys


Turn your children’s Picasso worthy drawings into this trippy paper spinner toys instead of buying them the next “Shopkins” toy!

Instructions at:


DIY Paper Spinner Toys


DIY felt garden box

We cannot talk about this more! We already raved about this amazing DIY felt garden box in our zero waste birthdays post. Indulge your creative side and get sewing with this awesome project!

DIY Plantable Felt Garden Box

Foam squishy toys

You just need some foam, some paint and a whole lot of fun for this adorable squishy toy!

Learn how to do it at:

DIY Watermelon Squishy Toy

If you’re too sust to DIY, we have amazing local options for you which we discovered previously on our Daachi journey! 

One Earth Toys


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Our wooden wild animals enjoyed rain in the forest today! Invite our wild animals to your house to play with your kids. Set of seven includes: Lion, Deer, Bear, Elephant, Monkey, Parrot and Tree. Sizes: Smallest – Parrot (2.5in x 2.2in x 0.5in) Largest – Elephant (4.2in x 4.5in x 0.5in) Price – Rs. 1200 (excluding delivery charges) Order: www.oneearthtoys.pk/shop 🦁🦌🐻🐘🐒🐦🌳 #toys #naturaltoys #woodentoys #animals #forest #wild #kids #childhood #toddlers #children #connectnature #enhanceimagination #sensoryexperience #senses #handmade #natural #storytelling #roleplay #play #freeplay #waldorf #montessori #reggio #mothers #motherhood #teachers #childfriendly #ecofriendly #nature #oneearthtoys

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One Earth Toys wants to give opportunities to children to play with toys made from renewable materials that can develop them as better human beings while also conserving nature. They claim that their toys are made from renewable materials like wood, wool and cotton and painted with safe dyes, natural varnish and look unbelievably cute! Our favourite is the colourful rainbow!


Thatta Kedona

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Daachi festival #Thatta kedona

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Another favourite at Daachi, Thatta Kedona brings forth clay pots, truck art themed souveniers and colourful village toys including stuffed dolls adorned in traditional Pakistani dresses and jewelery and fun miniature puppets! Keep an eye out for Thatta Kedona and give your kids a chance to really connect with their roots through these natural, organic toys!


Thapey by Tahir Mahmood


Thapey by Tahir Mahmood is another initiative to bring kids closer to nature through their fun and colourful lattus, pegs and fun chattu wattay! Find them in Daraz.pk

Did we tempt you to try DIY toys? Stay tuned for our Daachi feature tomorrow on our insta stories on some tips about green parenting.



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