Pre- سپرنگ

The girl with 100 dupattas

If I had a hundred dupattas
What all would I do
I’d hang them across a clothesline,
count the colours through and through
I’d drape them as curtains make my home anew.
Go catching flowers as spring rises from dawn
Eat popcorn on the rooftop and not a piece would fall.
Would you perhaps , I string them across my chest?
Or tie them to my side as I look my best.
A dupatta in every shade of spring
With patterns and colours and flowers that sing.
Id use them as covers, keep my jorras afresh
To tie in them love-notes on my beloved’s request.
if I had a hundred dupattas
I would do it all
Use each one in a special way
A hundred in all


This season is about letting the dupatta shine, embracing its feminine charm, desi aesthetic and great utility. Choose from a vast variety of solid colours that pop against your skin.

Or make a splash with intricately hand-blocked styles with traditional chintz bootis, moreso pair your pastel outfits with breezy sheer white orhnis laden with soft safaida handscreen prints.

Join us as we celebrate the great component of South Asian fashion; the Dupatta.

Tell us all the unique ways you have used yours in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Pre- سپرنگ

  1. Khalida

    I really like these attractive dupattas and can’t wait to order these
    They’re simply stunning
    Its Pakistan’s pure culture


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