Gen’s insight into the language of mirror embroidery in the sub-continental region

Rivers, V. Z. (n.d.). The Shining Cloth

Flash flash bling! Who doesn’t like a bit of dazzle in their lives. Majority of us are guilty of looking in the mirror all too many times during the day. Self-obsessed? Me? No way! We know that’s what all of you narcissy babies out there are thinking. But that’s okay, no harm in indulging in a bit of self-love.

Rivers, V. Z. (n.d.). The Shining Cloth

Our ancestral women here in the subcontinent perhaps also thought the same. A prominent craft of Pakistan, better known as shi-sha, it is remarkable that the most exciting craft, mirror work. was introduced in the remotest and most barren of lands – Kutch. A remarkable kaleidoscope of colored and beautifully embroidered tailored and draped garments were worn in semi nomadic Muslim and Hindu communities, who produced very fine embroideries characterized by tiny stitches on silk and satin with the additional use of mirrors. They were made first out of mica, then out of glass and metal. In the Islamic world, mirrors are believed to trap the evil eye, holding its reflection forever.

Rivers, V. Z. (n.d.). The Shining Cloth

Did that information make you cherish your sheeshay wala kurta more? Yes we’re talking about the one your phupo brought back for you from her travels and you “saved” (hint: discarded) for later. We sure do! Look at how Generation – a patron of all traditional crafts has brought back mirror work into mainstream fashion.

This Bandhni Suit has delicate Kutch inspired hand embroidery and mirror work detail on a flared shirt with a chunri pattern. Paired with a shalwar and self-striped dupatta, this outfit will leave everyone within a 2 mile radius bedazzled! Perfect for a casual lunch or even a slightly formal dholki, show off those glimmering mirrors that shout that mirror work is back with a bang! What best way to celebrate your country’s rich history and bring all the boys to the yard at the same time. Buy here or at your nearest store! If you’re more into straighter silhouettes, worry no more, the other Bandhini Suit the is the perfect choice for you if you prefer a leaner cut. Shop in stores and online today!

If you would much rather take a colourful approach, worry no more. Considered to be protective elements, mirrors have been incorporated into clothing that dates back centuries. Talk about glimmering luck! This Peacock Flared Tunic has dazzling mirror work and tassel details on a flared brightly printed shirt, guaranteed to catch everyone’s eye for sure. For just PKR 2798, get it online or at your nearest store today!

Who says mirror work can only work with traditional outfits? Style our Boho Gypsy Koti with jeans and a tee for that edgy look for just PKR 1398. With beautiful dorri tassel and mirror work detail, this one is bound to turn heads. Shop online or in stores today.

Regardless of our background or economic status, we are all fascinated by glittering mirrors for their association with beauty and illusion, for their protective powers, or just for the picture of ourselves they provide. Generation has a remarkable array of outfits to choose from, all which celebrate mirror work in a brilliant reinvented form for the modern woman. So gear up to bedazzle everyone in your bright, beaming Gen outfits today!


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    It’s always pleasure to visit your outlet. Your collection is fabulous <3 but the worst thing is generation is too expensive and I can't afford


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