Make the most out of this Quarant-Eid!

Fun ideas to celebrate while observing social distancing

Can you believe it?  Eid is barely 10 days away! It’s something all of us look forward to every year. The kids look forward to the surge in their incomes with Eidi, the foodies look forward to the sawaiyyan and other eid delicacies, the fashionistas look forward to perfecting their eid OOTD looks. All of us look forward to coming together, celebrating and enjoying three fun-filled days with family and friends.
How does this corroborate with the SOPs expected of us in the midst of the pandemic?
Can we go for Eid ki namaz? We probably shouldn’t.
Can we hug our relatives and friends? We probably shouldn’t.
Can we continue with the tradition of the annual big family GT, or visit all our relatives? Again, we probably shouldn’t.
Yes we’re living through the most unique of times, and everything we knew and loved about our social interactions have more or less been snatched away from us. But this isn’t the end, old traditions can be replaced with new ones, we can find new ways to express our love for our loved ones, and we can reinvent the whole process of celebrating eid!


Morning Dua

It is highly plausible that going for eid namaz may not be a viable option this year, however we need to remember that this holiday is in celebration of God’s blessings to us.

How about we wake up like we do for Namaz, wash up and get dressed and meet together as a family and make dua, to thank Allah for his blessings and to pray for a quick solution to the corona virus.

Take inspo from this little Namaz space from koi Home and allocate a space in your place and together pray



We have established this enough times, an eid like this will probably never be experienced by us, our children and generations in the near future at least. (If we learn our lesson this time around) So lets memorialise it for ages to come! Get your camera on record and take interviews of everyone in the family, and whatever you do on your Quarant-Eid!

From the most creative to the most mundane activities, get all of them on film! And on day 2 get your editing skills on with one of the easy to use apps and put together a montage that you can revisit for years to come.

New food traditions.

Yes, the sawaiyyan are a staple, but remember this year you aren’t cooking for the hordes of guests expected to show up at your place. Its just you!

Meethi meethi Eid!

Take the time to try something new, a fun indulgent recipe that you have had your eye on for a while. Maybe you’ll end up making a new food tradition unique to your family to come back to each year!  Out of ideas?

Check out some great food recipes by our contributors in the past!

Zahra Khan’s quarantine cookbook

Or try quick and easy Recipes by Khadija Shafqat of Deja 

Quick and easy recipes for your Barri Eid

Get your thinking cap on!

Get really creative! Come up with your own family trivia game! Use old photographs, make flash cards with hints of memories, and put together a scoring system.

Image from GENERATION’s archival folder


Now kick-back and get the game started, enjoy hours of fun rejoicing the good and the not so good memories (but infinitely funnier) from the past. Trust us, its going to bring the house down!


Express your love with a wish!

Growing up in the nineties, making and exchanging Eid cards used to be a major part of the festivities, While we’re inventing some new traditions, wont it be nice to bring back so old ones that were pretty great too? Some making them yourself, or if you like, order one from our website! We’ve released a collection of 4 eid cards featuring some of the best art-works by our inhouse creatives, Mariam Ibraaz and Mahoor Jamal. An eid card good enough to frame! We’ve ordered all 4 for ourselves!

Download these here.

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