Jee Aya Noon International street-style photographer, Yvan Rodic(Face Hunter)!

Face Hunter visit's GEN HQ

Team GEN’s heart skipped a beat when Yvan Rodic, ace international street style photographer, reached out to our Director, Khadija Rahman, expressing his desire to visit the GEN HQ! Ecstatic, overwhelmed and humbled by this news, it was a great pleasure to have this creative maestro over.

For those of you wondering why they went ga-ga, Yvan Rodic, more famously known as “Face Hunter” is a Swiss blog-trotter and trends-spotter, with a passion to be at the vanguard of diverse culture and fashion from all around the globe. He’s contributed his works to some of the worlds top fashion brands like Armani, Esprit and Volvo as well as fashion publications like Vogue.

Image by Zohra Rahman


He rose to great fame when he published “‘Face hunter”, a book recommended by the Times magazine as “essential reading” which featured  a compilation of over 300 of his most arresting photographs, accompanied by his personal observations.


Facehunter in conversation with the team


NOW imagine being in his awe-inspiring presence! AWE-SOME, right?!

His synoptic eyes were wide open as he went around the Head Office, appreciating the intense design process and showering design, production and marketing teams with a warm “Masha Allah” every now and then. Here’s a video where he shares his impression of Pakistani women and fashion and how intrigued he was by GENERATION’s design process.

Facehunter visits GEN HQ


Here’s another reason to be wowed by him: Yvan Rodic is also the co-creator of the Conscious Travel Kit, a combnation of information, skills and community networking in order to travel consciously.

Team GEN cannot wait to see his Insta-stories and tweets about his visit to Pakistan and the GEN HQ!


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