Jagg Magg Taaray

What’s in a compliment?

Is it really hard to appreciate someone? Tell them they are beautiful, powerful, or even just great at something that they do?  If someone looks different than us, than what magazines tell us to aspire towards, if they choose to live their lives differently, or conduct themselves differently, must we bring them down?

Generation’s Barri  Eid campaign focuses on embracing the beauty of  the diversity around us, ‘Jagg Magg Taaray’ is about appreciating each other, building each other up and sparking our inner star lights with love, the sweetness of our words and ridding ourselves of the narrative of hate and bullying.

With actual glitter becoming emblematic of the love, joy and celebration in togetherness, that is the essence of Eid and quite frankly, humanity itself, Generation’s ‘Jag mag Taray’ features a diverse set of #NoNonsenseNighats, Saleha Amin, Rohma Khan, Hira Asim and Tehreem Gohar embodying the gleeful spirit of barri Eid, using glitter and stars  to ornament each other, like we do with rituals like henna and ubtan, beautifying each other, signifying  the transfer of beauty which is at its core: love, and words of kindness.

With a warm and love filled embrace for all our beautiful patrons, here’s presenting Generation’s exquisitely designed Eid range.


Shimmering details of gota, varq ka kaam, and goldspun thread-work adorn a variety of bases in mouthwatering solid hues ranging from earthy chocolate tones to eye capturing floral textures in a variety of colour options. Beautiful airy contrast dupattas, a selection of chic Saris and Lehenga cholis complete the range consisting of a wide range of 3 piece, 2 piece and separate ensembles perfect for those looking to add a bit of chamak to their Eid this year.

The campaign is brought to life through Mahoor Jamal’s photography with art direction and layout design by Mariam Ibraaz, Fatima Nasir’s Hair and Makeup and styling by Harris Masood.

Head to GENERATION’s website, to view the new Eid Collection.


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