GENERATION’s child care solution in the workplace

Imagine you’re a new mom and you work full time – but you don’t have to worry about searching for a day care facility or dropping off your little angels’ last minute at their grandparents.

No need to get premature grey hair either. And did we mention there’s no separation anxiety for you or your baby? Oh and you can also pop in and see your child during the day. It’s all laid out for you, in a highly convenient location… your workplace!

Unfortunately, for most parents, the above paragraph sounds like a dream. Only a handful of workplaces in Pakistan have their own crèche – and GENERATION is one of them.

We at GENERATION have revamped the crèche for all the new mommies in our office! This was a project which took a lot of hard work and attention to detail, and was personally overseen by Khadija Rahman, our Creative Director and mommy to two babies!

Featuring an adorable polka dotted interior, our crèche looks nothing short of a picture out of an Enid Blyton book. Dim, hanging lamps create a perfect, calm ambience fit for children.

The crèche is carefully segregated into sections – a sleeping room complete with a cot, a comfy couch and mattresses to accommodate children of all ages; a play area with the most adorable polka dotted wallpaper and colourful wall hangingswith an impressive collection of baby books; a kitchenette for heating up/ storing food with state of the art appliances and finally, a sparkling clean bathroom with a changing station and adorable, customised baskets to store all of the babies’ essentials!

Maryam Abid, Line Head Flo/Formals talks about how the crèche at GENERATION has made her life easier.
‘I didn’t have to make a choice between my career and my child. I can carry both of them together. It’s a warm place for my child and she enjoys being here. We have all the facilities we need.’ She laughs about how her daughter is intrigued by the polka dotted wallpaper in the crèche.

Isra Iqbal, our Lead Visual Merchandiser says, ‘after a baby, a lot of girls think about quitting their job if they don’t have help or support at home. In our society, if we leave our baby at home, the haw haaye’s start coming along. Having a safe place at the workplace for your baby saves guilt on your part because you can focus on your baby and your career at the same time.’

GENERATION is dedicated to help ease employees concern for caring arrangements, allowing them to focus on their work and recognises the important role of parents at home and in the workforce.




  1. Marjan Shafique

    It’s an amazing idea. Really loved it. And as it is mentioned above that most of the mothers have no choice to Firefox one option either baby or career. This is a wonderful opportunity for them to avail. Same is the case with me. I was upset due to this reason because I had to leave my 7 months old daughter at home and I wasn’t satisfied at all. Will now for sure avail this opportunity.


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