In conversation with the fitness trainer: Sundas Jamil

What's her fitness journey like?


“I have always enjoyed training. Physical fitness and sport were the things I seemed to excel at”- Sundas Jamil 

Featuring Sundus, who is the is  co-founder of The Space studios Islamabad, a certified Primal Flow trainer and a certified Pilates trainer at Pilates lab. She speaks to us about her journey as a fitness trainer and woman, making brave choices for herself!

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Read on and explore about her interesting journey.



I have always been active and fond of sports and outdoor activities. Becoming a fitness trainer wasn’t planned. I’ve been training clients off and on for 10 years but about 4 years ago I started training full time and haven’t looked back. Being able to help people achieve their goals, whether its weight gain, weight loss, or increasing their mobility is really rewarding. The fact that clients, after achieving their goals, still keep coming is the cherry on top.

Sundas is in our Sportsy 2-Pc for Rs. 3798/-


People are starting to realize that it’s important to stay active and keep moving. The biggest challenge for me so far has been educating clients on nutrition and having a healthy relationship with food. Thanks to all the fad diets out there, they see food itself as the obstacle.

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As for my family approving my choices, they are very supportive of my decisions as long as I maintain a healthy work-life balance (which to be very honest I sometimes struggle with. Heh.



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The pixie I get every 2 or 3 years so this isnt my first time with this haircut. I’ve been coloring mine and my mother’s hair since I was 15. I’ve never really thought about the ‘why’ to be honest. I like trying out different looks, and colors.

Sundas is in our Sportsy 2-Pc for Rs. 3798/-


I guess the most honest answer for this is ‘I did it because I felt like it’. It’s an expression of who I am and it makes me happy. Other than the occasional jokes about looking like a boy, people reacted pretty well. I think my friends biggest concern was how I would incorporate the green in my hair. Hah!


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Helping people ‘move’ more. Everyone I know has bad knees, shoulders or back and it’s mostly because nobody moves anymore. Hopefully setting up more accessible physical activities for women to just get out and MOVE.

If you are in Islamabad, don’t forget to drop by The Space and discuss your fitness routine with our very own Sundas Jamil.

Happy Training..

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