In conversation with Azmat: A student of media sciences.

"My headscarf is an expression of who I am"

Azmat, a student of media sciences, has a quirky unique sense of style- with the headscarf being an integral part of it. She uses it to express her individuality and an announcement of who she is. Confident, assured and beautiful!

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When did you start covering your head?

I found myself gravitating towards covering my head for a long time but it wasn’t until 2015 that I started. I used to get pressurized by the need of being “a certain way” before I covered my head- but I realized, with the advice of a friend- that I do not. I need to do what seems right. Not everyone’s path looks the same and that’s ok.

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Was there an adjustment period?

For people around me, there was. I suddenly felt like everyone was treating me different- like they expected me to change as a person. Which was strange because I was still the same person. I wouldn’t say that anyone reacted negatively- no. The biggest adjustment I faced was figuring out how to inculcate the hijab into my daily attire- I like to dress up. I wondered how to use it to still wear clothes I like! I eventually cracked the code and now- I wear what I like- how I like it. The scarf is not the most salient feature. It doesn’t have to be.

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Who is your style inspiration?

Dina Torkia; that’s where I learnt different ways to wear the hijab.

Any advice for girls who cover their heads?

This is my advice to everyone; be true to yourself. Do what you feels is right. Have fun with fashion- the only limits you have are the ones you recognize and set for yourself.


As Azmat says: “FIND YOUR OWN PATH” , can you relate to Azmat’s journey ? 

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