Ifrah’s Craft Adventures

Episode 1: Chaap Tilak

Making my own block prints today!

Oh hello there, Im Ifrah and yes you heard that right! Making my own block-prints with stuff you can easily find from your local art supplies store.

Here’s some of the beauties I’ve already made too! So getting into it, I needed:
1. a ruler,
2. some carbon paper
3. linocut tools
4. a plate or palette
5. some sponges
6. fabric paints
7. lino sheets
8. a pen or pencil
9. The motif I want drawn out on paper
10. a pair of scissors

Step 1

So I started by tracing out the motif on the linocut sheet, I used a really firm hand on the pencil so I got a nice and clear transfer.


Step 2

I carved out my design with the lino-cut tools, the bits I hollowed out will be the negative spaces and whats left behind will actually be the print. Then I Cut it out along the outline, and my block is ready to go!

Step 3

Lets get started shall we? Dip dip…dab dab

I went for this sea-shell print, which I thought would complement this androgynous blue Generation shirt quite well. Sea shells first became popular in fashion in the 1950s, though marine references first made a splash in clothing with Elsa Schiaparrelli’s legendary lobster dress which she made in collaboration with surrealist extra-ordinare Salvador Dali!


Here’s the final look!

Sure I look calm and collected, but boy did I break a sweat or what!
For project number 2 I did this lovely a-line kamiz from… any guesses? Yes Generation ofcourse!
Going to be doing this chaand-bali lotus motif, which uff is just too haseen! The chand bali design is actually a derivative from Mughal costume, and alot of designers still use the motif even today!
And this beauty is ready to go!

Finally project 3, decided to amp up this old yellow tote which is NOT from Generation hehe, But did end up using the lovely Generation gulab motif that you must’ve seen at stores, on the rose lights, in the packaging, even the no nonsense nighat sari from last year. Yes we’re a bit obsessed.. but can you blame us?

Time to pose and look pretty! This was a fun hang guys! We should totally do something fun again! See ya sooon…byeeeeeee!



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