“I found my style during lockdown using these 3 simple rules”!

Marya Javed shares how staying at home can help fix your fashion game

We love engaging with Marya Javed of NoFOMO and this time she talks about how pandemic got her thinking about her personal style: looking stylish as hell without looking like you even tried 😉

So without much further ado, Take it away Marya!

I was at home for a year, without a social life nowhere to go, way before the pandemic started. Among other things, this year helped me find my personal sense of style.The world has been trying to define style for a long time but I believe there is no concrete definition because it is an undefinable ingredient that is really unique to each individual and inimitable.

Here is how you can use the rest of 2020 being safe and finding your style:

Forget the dress code

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2020 has not been without its fair share of tests and trials but it has also introduced us to the freedom of being home at weekends.You can finally truly explore the idea of dressing for yourself without any pressure from the outside. Dress up, take photos, revisit those. See which ones you would never delete. It should tell you something about that ingredient that is unique to you.

Declutter your wardrobe

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Take out 10 minutes every night; rummage through your wardrobe and take out everything you haven’t worn but have dreamt of wearing. You know that sari? That weird dungaree?

Wear it! See how it makes you feel. Maybe it’s you! Keep it. Maybe it’s not, give it away! Repeat this exercise until your wardrobe is populated MOSTLY by outfits that reflect who you are. And not just what the fashion is ATM.


Dress for the GRAM

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For the past many months so many of us have dressed only for the gram! Whereas some might contest its spiritual core; it is not without value! I for one, have been encourages at the idea of dressing up every day to put up a post, in turn encouraging others (I have been told).

The idea is not for your feed to look curated beautifully- but for a unique essence to emerge, eventually that screams YOU.

The most important advice during this process, however is—–don’t panic! Discovering the sense of style is a slow process that takes love and attention. It takes patience and observation. You can’t force it, infact the more you force it, the farther you are from it!

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