Hello Pink!

Get Inspired by GEN’s colour of the month – PINK!

Say hello to Pink! – The less rebellious but cooler sister of the power red. It is no secret that pink is very much the darling of the fashion world and is having a major fashion moment right now. Whether it’s plastered across the walls of every Instagram worthy cafe in the city or part of the millennial aesthetic, this is the era of pink it’s making sure everyone knows it.

While we know you definitely do not need a waja to wear pink, we’ll give you a couple of solid ones. Pink stimulates energy and also encourages action. It gives you confidence to get out of your bistar and get on with your day. We can totally picture you bossing a presentation while wearing the perfect fuchsia kameez or delivering a masaalay-daar retort. Pink weaponizes femininity.

Borrowing the its passion and power from red and the purity and openness from the colour white, Pink stands for unconditional love and inspiration – the ultimate colour of hope.

Usually a sign of good health, this colour inspired the phrase “everything is rosy” indicating success and good health. Pantone mirrored the popularity for millennial pink when it named Rose Quartz its colour of the year in 2016 and the fan base for this colour has not died since!

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Bubble gum, cotton candy and all things sugary – this is the sweet tone of pink we prefer. Popularized in the 90s by Barbie, look like a doll in this yummy lehenga choli from our Palki collection and indulge your sweet tooth.

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Or make a statement at your next formal affair in this shocking pink kameez from our Kirimit collection or you can opt for the Darkest pink shade in our Sunheri Rawayat Collection.

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Can’t commit fully to being tickled pink? Try it as a print mixed with various other colours and patterns.

If the thought of wearing all pink still scares you, we recommend a printed top .Get our Rashti Duzi top with embroidery details.

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Pink is the one colour that is always in season. Flaunt it with some lines and stripes in our Bedouin Kota top with colourful tassels and embroidery details.

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Which Pink Jora has your ❤? Let us know in the comments below!

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