Hathon ka hunar

Celebrate the fine art of hand embroidery with GENERATION

Let’s take our minds off puffer jackets and uggs for a second to talk about spring. Just close your eyes for a minute and imagine the number of people who were involved in the making of the jora you are currently wearing.  Hundreds of skilled people are involved in the production of our everyday items. Grab some kinnoo juice, take a seat and read while we appreciate haathoun ka hunr – whether it is in the form of hand embroidery , block prints or dyeing– a meticulous craft that requires a lot of time, effort and skill or tailoring and stitching details – which require a perfect mastery of stitching.


A simple woven shalwar may seem ordinary to you but if you trace it back to the dance of every taana and baana, you would realise the labour of love and effort that is put into each yard of fabric.


Hand embroidery is the the art of painting – but with needle and thread. In today’s fast paced world, a touch of hand embroidery can add grace, charm and style to the most mundane of clothing items. Celebrate the season with the fine art of hand embroidery.

Featuring adorable phool, soondi taanka in a kaleidoscope of colours, this sweet shalwar can bring happiness to anyone’s day. And white goes with everything… especially in the hotter months.

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This shalwar from our Aurora collection is inspired by Scandinavian motifs, translated into multi coloured embroidery. Grab it in stores today.

Spring has sprung upon us and what better way to celebrate the freshness of this season than with some hand embroidered pieces. Each hand embroidered piece is unique, making you look mukhtalif and alag from the crowd.

 Shop our hand embroidered Chand sitara Shalwar now for Rs.2,298/-


This shalwar made our dil skip a beat. No, seriously. The miniature white on white, hand embroidered chand sitara on this shalwar make us giddy with joy. Get this shalwar in stores today and celebrate the sweet season of spring.

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