Ghalib…aik afsana

For the love for urdu poetry and its maestro,Mirza Ghalib

In a world where even the “parhay likhon ki zabaan” is now being memed- because YOLO , where hoardings featuring simple words like Pahiya (wheel) are replaced with their angrezi counterparts, where Pakistani mothers copiously blend languages saying things like “Beta milk drink karlen”, and where people with an ‘English medium’ education are the Brahmins (metaphorically speaking) in the society,it’s no surprise if you’re unable to compose your monthly grocery list in Urdu because you’re not sure if aam begins with alif or ain.

You are not alone: Most of us are Urdu-handicapped.Let’s face it!

And the language’s demise from our social consciousness, our literature, our tongues and our education systems is a national tragedy, that we will no longer be quiet about it. It started with “Nai Rang’18- Gulab,Kanwal aur Chambeli”, and then the more recent, “Saavan Rain ka Sapna”, both campaigns geared towards preserving and reviving the language art of Urdu through poetry.

Our Director, Khadija Rahman, shares her admiration for the “lashkari zabaan”:

Urdu is beautiful. When one hears well-articulated Urdu, it’s like taking your shoes off and walking barefoot on the soil. It reconnects you, it grounds you and it cleanses your soul. When we marry our designs, our visuals and our campaign ideas with the Urdu language, we can feel the magic happening around us…

And now, GENERATION presents “Ghalib”, a namesake collection exclusively available on our e-store pursuing the colourful trail of poems by one of the most prodigious, emphatic and influential poets of Urdu literature.

An enduring literary personality from the late Mughal period, perhaps the most mesmerizing achievement to Mirza Ghalib’s credit is transforming ghazals from an expression of pain to a philosophy about love and life, making use of non-ornamented Urdu and thereby, touching the hearts of the masses. Those of you suffering from unrequited love, betrayal or- even worse-an existential crisis, would agree that the grief and longing in his works has been a solace for the afflicted, the heart-broken and those who trying to find meaning in life.

The millennials’ favourite has to be “Hazaron Khwahishain” (we live in world soaked in consumerism, after all) and there’s nothing like lending an ear to Jagjit Singh’s rendition of this ghazal with a hot cup of chaye, or to see it enacted by Naseer-ud-din Shah (Hello Sir, big fans!) in the 1954 biopic, Mirza Ghalib

The Ghalib collection comprises an array of eleven shirts and tunics, featuring 5 unique prints where geometric Mughal architecture inspired patterns come together in harmony with verses drawn from the three forms of Ghalib’s poems, ghazal (lyric), masnavi (moralistic or mystical parable), and qasidah (panegyric), rendered in classic and fusion silhouettes,mimicking the fluidity of his lyrics, and which work for summer soirees as well as for the 9-5 grind.

What is the Ghalib verse that you find very endearing? Perhaps you may find it in one of our pieces from the collection? Nonetheless, don’t forget to share it with us in the comments below.

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