Generation in bloom: The language of flowers

We bring you our floral inspiration for 2020!

This is for all the hopeless romantics at heart. The kamyaab yet na-kaam aashiqs. Even since the beginning of time, flowers have been much more than pretty material objects. Each phool has its own meaning and symbolizes something unique. We know we know, when you hear those three words strung together, your dil goes baagh baagh. You know what words we are talking about…SALE LAG GAYEE!

This Valentine’s day, ditch the traditional gift of a guldastah for your loved one, and get them a jora instead! Trust us, it’ll last longer, remind them of you every time they wear it and is bound to be a permanent gift of love in their closets. We show you GENERATION’s outfits inspired by haseen phool for your beloved for this month of love!



Ah! Where to begin? Perhaps the most iconic flower of all, the rose signifies immortal love or a union that will never fade. Synonymous with love and passion, a rose is bound to stir up attention. It is a timeless symbol of romance perhaps because of its intoxicating scent and rich, crimson colour.

Get our Shahi Swag flared tunic with miniature mughal inspired borders and a flattering silhouette for your darling (or yourself) today! Shop this tunic for Rs.3,198/- online.

If you prefer a more literal ghulaabo, look no further and  get this eye catching three piece paired with a matching shalwar, a faux koti and ghulaabi dupatta from our Russian Folklore collection. Shop this for Rs.6,998/- online now!


سورج مکھی


How adorable is a sunflower in full bloom? Symbolising adoration, loyalty and longevity; a suraj mukhee  is known to be bring luck and good health – always facing towards the sun. After all, how can the big, cheerful, happy heads of the sunflower bring anything but happiness?

These pops of colour are in perfect sync with the joy and beauty that are a part of the sunflower’s anatomy. The Palki two piece is a colour blocked, heavily embellished choli with flared Lehnga. Get it for your suraj mukhee today online for Rs.7,599/- on Sale!


The national flower of Pakistan, this delicate kali is associated with love, beauty, sensuality, appreciation and purity. Its khushboo is enough to put one in a trance, charming any and all who come in its way. If there is any flower that personifies grace, it is chambeli!

For this reason, we suggest our Two piece Guldasta Co-ords featuring pakki embroidery and fine details. Get it online for Rs.4,898/-


Or get this speckled, screen printed, gota detailed top from our Chamkeeli collection today for Rs.1,648/- on Sale!



Kanwal ka phool reminds us of regeneration, enlightenment and rebirth. Its for that special person in your life who never gives up and is constantly making everyone happy because of their vibrance and positivity. Even in the dirtiest of waters, the Kanwal, or the Lotus, produces the most beautiful flower.

And that reminds us of this Chamkeeli top, buzzing and colourful and festive. Get it for PKR 2198/- online today!



One of the first signs of bahaar, it is no surprise that Nargis ke phool (or Narcissus) represent new beginnings and good fortune! The flower symbolizes good wishes, faithfulness and is known for brightening up the garden with its cheery yellow center!

Our Chunri co-ords are enough to brighten up anyone’s day! Get them for your jaan-e-man this month and make their day! This jora is bound to bring a sparkle to their eye, just like the sequins on it! Shop this now for Rs.4,399/- on SALE!


And the white in the Nargis reminds us of the Patch Pop Suit. Shop this now before it runs out for Rs.6,598/- on sale.


What is your favourite phool? Let us know in the comments below!

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