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Instagrams Inspiring Us to Live Greener

When we think about mothers, we see warmth, light and love. When we think about the relationship kids have with their mothers, we see our own mothers and how it’s supposed to be a symbiotic relationship. But there’s a mother we’re all forgetting. This mother gives us so much to live on, and be the best of us. This mother is always there for us. It’s the mother that gives us a home to live in, grow up in and thrive in. That mother is Earth.

Yet here we are, leaving behind traces of our broken love, or the absence of any. We have come to that point in the history of the world where earth is starting to give up on us, and what kind of kids are we to have driven our mother to that point. We litter, we use fossil fuels like anything, and most of all, we use plastic as a second skin. We have conditioned our lives to be so comfortable, that we forget the harm this ease brings.

We are following some of our favourite Instagram accounts helping us accomplish our goals.


1. EcoPak


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Introducing our 8-inch bagasse plates ideal for serving sandwiches, pasta, tacos or any other yummy savoury food! . . Here is why you should use these plates: ☘ They are made from dry, fibrous sugarcane residue, which makes them completely #compostable after use. ☘These plates are a direct replacement for plastic and styrofoam as they are water resistant as compared to paper. ☘️They are safer for food, as they are made of a natural material. . . If you're an eatery looking for #ecofriendlyproducts to serve your food in and with, hit us up in DMs 🙂 . . . #EcoPak #ecofriendly #greenpakistan #tableware #bagassetableware #compostabletableware #biodegradable #ecofriendlypackaging #environmentallyfriendly #savetheearth #greenproducts #karachi #karachibloggers #lahore #islamabad #bloggersofig

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EcoPak is an online store for biodegradable cutlery. Even if you’re not on the go, it’s a good option to stock up on their products for picnics and pack in lunch boxes for your kids to take to school! What’s inspiring is that they’re partnering with various restaurants around the country to take their vision forward, and save the world. They even sent GENERATION a set of spoons and we can tell you, they’re cute, and useful!


2. Reduce & Recycle


If you’re looking for recycled items to spruce up your home space, check out Reduce and Recycle. They have upscaled glass bottles and pots to add some DIY elegance to your drawing room. Moreoever, in their effort for a greener Pakistan, they also stock metal straws and cane baskets to make for a holistic green living.


3. Trash it


Trash It Pakistan is an initiative that aims to live a green lifestyle and aim for zero waste. Although their main focus is organic waste and composting that, they do have other cool things in stock as well to help you aim for a life that’s good for Earth. All we can think of is how cute our succulents would look if we shifted to organic compost!


4. Natahsa Zubair Stationery


Natahsa Zubair is a wonderful artist whose work we admire a lot. Which is why it is so inspiring for us to see how she is using her influence for good. She has a whole stationery line of notebooks made completely out of recycled paper! Moreover she also stocks envelopes made out of recycled paper.


5. Candle Works


Candle Works by Naheed Mooraj is an initiative that aims to end plastic wrapping in Pakistan by providing eco friendly alternatives in the form of beeswax food wraps. They are re-usable and would also make for great gift wraps as well!


6. Code Green


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**Women’s Day Giveaway** 🚨🚨🚨 . . We’ve partnered with the amazing Recircle Life and Trashit for an eco-friendly giveaway this Women’s Day (8th March, 2019). All you have to do to enter is: . . 1. Like / follow all three pages , @codegreenpk , @trashitpk 2. Tag 3 friends who support you in your journey to become environmentally conscious. 3. Comment with a 🌱 and tell us one thing you do to help the environment. . . . Giveaway starts today (2nd March) and ends on Friday (8th March) at 5:00 pm. . . . Giveaway includes: 1. 1 Code Green mini solid shampoo bar + 1 panty liner + 2 reusable makeup removers + 2 maswaaks + 1 beeswax food wrap. 1. 1 Recircle Cup + 1 Recircle Bamboo Toothbrush. 3. 1 Trashit cotton tote bag + 1 metal straw + 1 keychain made of recycled material. . . . . #CodeGreenPk #recirclelife #karachigiveaway #karachibloggers #sustainable #sustainableliving #nochemicals #noplastic #plasticfreeliving #plasticfree #plasticsucks #environmentalist #cleanliving #shampoobars #localbusinesses #LotionBars #environmentfriendly #ecofriendly #savetheplanet #savetheearth #glassstraws #nosulphates #saynotoplasticbags

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Code Green is the page that brought bamboo toothbrushes to Pakistan and that’s very commendable. Besides being the go-to place for toothbrushes, Code Green also stocks all-natural and environment friendly deodorants and soaps to take your green lifestyle goals up a notch!

So here are some ways to feel inspired to live a greener life. Hope we inspired you to do your part.

Let us know in the comments below what are the ways you are making a change to make Earth a greener space to live!

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