Garmion ki lambi dopeharain

Are you worrying about the boredom that the long summer afternoons bring with them?

Remembering the old times

Sometime during “hustle being king”, the long summer afternoons went from being a nice lazy romantic construct to being a boring and dull one. There was a time, a lazy afternoon, by yourself, a wet light dupatta on you to keep yourself cool during load shedding and untimely naps- were all things that dreams were made of. Outfits for the family holiday were planned in advance and just the act of dressing up was looked forward to.

Not anymore.

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Now we fear boredom more than anything else

As summer holidays approach and many of us travel to our villages/family homes, the one pressing question we have is “what will we do there”? The nauseating pace of the times we live in has made boredom and the lack of activity, greatly undesirable.

But the truth is, boredom (which is not the same thing as being lazy) is a huge part of human development. It’s when your mind is empty and resting that you get some of the best ideas. A comfy outfit only adds to the joy of the process.

The day dreams- the wandering of the mind- is really you getting to know yourself without having a self-help article in front of you.

Here’s how to make use of the free hours this summer holiday

Thinking, listening to songs, watching life go by- are not wastes of time. They are a crucial part of what helps us optimize ourselves as human beings in the long run.

So go… wear a nice loose summery printed lawn suit, pick some fruit…

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Take a shower, listen to some songs…

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Take a nap… Think…

Let time pass. You are not a “human doing”. You are a human “being”.
Happy Holidays!

3 thoughts on “Garmion ki lambi dopeharain

  1. Umber

    I am a regular customer with generation but this time my friend gifted me an outfit from them which I wanted to change but they refused to do so while the dress even had the price tag on it. Any brand would change a dress with tag on it but they demanded the receipt I mean would someone gift u with receipt? What kind of a policy is that? Disappointed!!!

    1. GENERATION Post author

      We are really sorry for your experience. Please message our official Instagram page with all the details. And yes you can change your outfit.

  2. Gulmeena

    Loved the concept👌Thats so true ,when we go to village and realize there’s no internet the world crushes down on me 😁But its good to be alone to spend sometime with urself,to just see time pass by and you watch the world as a spectator not being a part of it.💗


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