A comprehensive guide for young professionals stepping into a workplace for the first time

You know that feeling you get when you go to sleep as a nineteen year old and wake up inside
an office cubicle right? Trust me we’ve all been there. One moment you’re all happy and
carefree and the next moment, you’re being thrust in through the doors of the corporate world.
Let’s admit it, dressing for work can be about as exciting as eating porridge everyday for
breakfast. So instead of thinking your professional wardrobe has to go back to boring, have a
look through this exclusive guide for looking 9 to 5 chic and get ready to give your work
wardrobe a promotion!

When it’s one of those mornings when there are more important things to think about, a pair of black tights and a printed kurta will be your savior as they require less ‘what goes with what’ thinking.

Ideal for teachers and professionals with more casual and laid back dress codes, Generation has
a variety of printed options for your everyday needs.
Faseeha, a teacher at Beaconhouse TNS, when asked about her preference, says, “Kurta and
tights..or palazzo pants. They’re convenient, comfortable and don’t need ironing.
A perfect example is our ‘Pazyryk rugs shirt’, a vibrant kurta with schiffli details on bold prints.
Shop this and others at www.generation.com.pk for more options.

If there’s one thing you can’t go wrong with, they are solid kurtas. Generation has multiple
options in textured, screen printed and block printed fabrics for your office wardrobe. Style
them with tights or cigarette pants and voila! You’re all set! Shop in stores and online and pick
the colours that best flatter you.

Our Rangoli collection from the CLASSIC line is a perfect choice if you are working in the
corporate sector or working in an administrative position.
Maham Nadeem, a course coordinator at a well reputed institute says, “Prefer to be
comfortable more than anything. So anything works for me which is comfortable, that is, loose
kurtas and trousers, jeans and tops etc.”
Shop in stores and online at


Pastel colors act as the perfect work wardrobe staple. The colors make you look crisp and fresh
without being too ‘distracting’. Pastels also give a very professional and put together feel.
They are definitely a must have in your work wardrobe. This embroidered, paneled kurta from the
Sardinian rugs collection is the perfect pastel piece to add to your closet.

Also perfect for people with nine to five desk jobs, these no fuss kurtas provide comfort and
ease as well as being incredibly fashionable.

Whether it is a Friday or a formal meeting, nothing defines prim and proper better than a sharp
three piece ensemble. As a new professional, it is always a good idea to keep your attire on the
conservative side particularly until you know your office dress code. We have a quick solution
for you. Shop these three piece wonders in store or online for an instant fix!

This Ms Jinnah Suit is a block printed and embroidered kurta, paired with an embroidered
shalwar and a block printed dupatta. Shop in stores and online at


for your next important meeting!


Collared shirts are a must have in every work wardrobe. They instantly upgrade your look from
business casual to strictly no nonsense and are great for meeting with clients or conducting
super formal meetings.
The barcode tunic is an embroidered, straight fit tunic, complete with cuffs, side pockets and a
collar, instantly giving you a polished, professional feel.
Shop this look at: www.generation.com.pk or visit your nearest Generation store.<

Whether your workplace is casual and creative, or buttoned up and sophisticated,
prepare to get inspired by our work appropriate collections from our different lines. A
good wardrobe isn’t one that only keeps you looking elegant and neat but also it also
represents who you are as an individual. Therefore, while keeping in accordance with
office decorum, it is important not to lose your identity and express yourself through
your sartorial choices!
Shop all these looks and more by visiting any of Generation stores nationwide or simply
through the click of a button at www.generation.com.pk

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