Forget the weekend. Henceforth, your week will be known as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,Mehendi, Baraat and Walima.

It’s December, which means the shaadi season has commenced with full josh-o- kharosh and with the start of the wedding season comes the perennial hunt for wedding gifts.
But there’s no need to fret because we at GENERATION have the answers to all your woes!


If you’re on the search for that extra special present, what better way to gift the bride-to-be something of an heirloom piece which she can save forever and possibly pass on to her off-spring. Yes we’re talking about our gorgeous embellished velvet outfits.

Shop our ‘Chambeli’ Suit with tilla embroidery and adda work. It’s paired with flared silk trousers and a net dupatta with gold scallops and is an heirloom for sure! Shop for PKR 15,998 at



Many things that brides often overlook in the hustle bustle of wedding preps are some comfortable key pieces for their wardrobe. Be the bridesmaid-in-shining-armour and give an outfit that is a perfect balance between something dressy yet casual for the ‘nayee naveli dulhan’.

Our ‘Mongolia’ Suit has hand embroidery and interesting appliqué details and is paired with a festive looking orange dupatta – a perfect gift for the bundle of nerves! Shop for PKR 7,398 at




It is not every day that you come across a piece that is bound to transcend all seasons and fashions. The velvet shalwar is such a piece. This gorgeous velvety shalwar will ensure your bride-to-be has a roomy and comfortable post shaadi dinners experience while she looks super chic at the same time!
Shop our ‘Golden Era’ shalwar  at for PKR 7398 today!

A koti is evergreen! Gift the bride-to-be this timeless ‘Golden Era’ koti for PKR 4,998 at today!


There’s nothing wrong in giving an early wedding present. Gift the newly-weds-to-be a night away from all the shaadi stress by arranging a date night for them. Simply get reservations at their favourite restaurant and send them personalized hand written invites for that relaxing get-away!


Give the special couple in your lives beautiful rose seeds for their garden so they watch the flowers bloom along with their relationship over the years. A super sweet gesture that is also environment friendly, your friends will be swooned away by the gift!



Surprise the newly marrieds by getting them a fun caricature of themselves in wedding gear or enacting their favourite moments together! Ramish Shafa of the the CariCature shop amongst many others creates beautiful and fun caricatures. Surprise the couple of the moment by this thoughtful gift!

Image credit: Ramish Shafa

Our GENERATION gift boxes are gorgeously printed gift boxes featuring gorgeous Persian miniature paintings.

Give your gifts in style this wedding season.

Do you know that our clothes embark on a unique journey of their own?

What starts off as an exciting purchase reserved for kitty parties and ‘special events’ is then then tossed away in our cupboards for a year (or two if you’re extremely miserly) when we get bored of, until it is:
a) passed on to a loved one
b) donated
c) sold
d) re-purposed by ammi to make a cleaning rag
The cycle repeats itself when it comes to the donated bunch or even rags, until the clothes finally find their way to the slums where they are dexterously patched up by our women, reunited with their abandoned fellows and take the form of tents and shelter in slums. This cycle ensures that fabric wastage is minimized, increasing the life cycle of each garment.

Find out about the centuries old art of recycling in our post “Re-use, Re-cycle, Re-invent!”


Waste is so last season and so, we share  6 other ways to repurpose old clothes and fabrics lying around:

1. Use them as gift wrapping materials

 Furoshiki is a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used for wrapping just about anything from gifts to snacks- no string or tape involved. It’s a great way to make your gift memorable and to encourage others to be thrifty too. All you need is a square of fabric slightly larger than the object you’re packing.

This is how you can do it:

2. Use them to make pouches for storage

This should remind you of your sughar nani and daadi. These pouches work for storage as well as gifts and party favours(yes, bookmark this for your friend’s wedding or even your own)

This tutorial should help:


3. Use them as trims to reinvent solid kurtas or to make details e.g. tassels and flowers

You may see them as waste but what if you use them as trims and embellishment materials? Take out your old basic kurta(s) and shake things up a bit. Here are some looks to give you ideas:


  1. Dare to flare by adding some panels and using your fabric for piping in between.


2. Create a print-blocked look by juxtaposing your waste fabrics onto some printed pieces



3. Use leftover borders or even running prints to make patterns on a printed or solid ensemble.



4. Mount them on wooden frames to make wall hangings or pin-up boards

When it comes to home design, fabric is surprisingly the most versatile of materials. It can be used in so many ways, and it’s often an inexpensive, splashy way to add color, pattern, and texture to a space. Why do we think of fabric only in terms of of curtains, linens, pillows, or upholstery? There are plenty of DIY ways to turn a basic piece of fabric into fabulous wall art, all under a budget and additionally, by engaging the entire family.

Here’s how you can create magic in your favourite nook of the house:

5. Use them to make rag rugs

 If you always found it therapeutic to see the elders knotting or weaving, this project will surely excite you. It allows you to rip clothes apart and even better, make something supremely beautiful out of them. Start collecting strips of fabrics and get down to making a colourful, comfy rag rug for your room.

Here’s how to go about it:


 6. Use them to make DIY necklaces

So what if your favourite outfits are old and dilapidated? You can still make them a part of your ensemble by turning them into fabric necklaces! Get some fabric strips, needles, beads and let’s get going. This video offers you a variety of designs to make:


Which of these will you trying out? Do you have our “it” bag made of out of leftover fabric? Grab one at your nearest GENERATION store and bring it with each purchase- about time we got eco-friendly!

What is a ‘Bangkok High?’ One begins to wonder after coming across the collection title, probably another hipster fad?  Wrong. A ‘Bangkok High’ is a term we coined internally, referring to the elation and that special feeling of other worldliness one is encompassed in upon their return from a vacation at the Southeast Asian wonderland. The premise of the concept is based upon the designer’s own memories of a Thai get away from his student days, over half a decade ago. Such is the power of Bangkok, it stays with you no matter how much time goes by, no matter how many places you visit in the world, and no matter how much you’ve grown.  And trust us, there’s no place, or experience anything quite like it.

The sights, smells and tastes of Bangkok are truly what have inspired this eccentric Ming offering, perfect for the Pre-fall event season. It’s gritty, edgy and uber glamorous with influences seeping in both from the city’s immense cultural heritage, and the modern fast paced facet that is known to attract swarms upon swarms of tourists.


Eclectic multihued dragons, along with evasive psychedelic imagery depicting Bangkok’s infamous nightlife find themselves juxtaposed against cheerful plaids symbolizing the influx of tourists on the streets of Khao San road.



Luxurious raw silks and gold spun, silk infused fabrics are rendered in high quality digital prints in an influx of rich, eye-catching shades including burnt orange, cerulean sky, pine green and acid yellow to name a few. The silhouettes are breezy and multi layered embodying the spirit of the city with bright accents of gold sequin work.





The collection is available for purchase exclusively at our flagship localities in Gulberg Lahore, Zamzama and DMC Karachi, and Jinnah Super Islamabad and online .