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Remember last year when we let you in on the best kept secret of Lahore? Yes – we’re totally talking about the cosy little factory outlet Generation has hidden away on 20 km Ferozepur Road! Well today we’ve come up with yet another unique idea for you to utilize all those wonderful fabrics available at the store.

Living in Pakistan means you are no stranger to the scorching Lahori sun or the unforgiving spells of chilling cold winds in the winter months. But you know when the mausam is perfect? Yes – when we witness the first signs of bahaar. The air is crisp with the smell of Nargis and the sun is smiling upon us – giving us the halki, thandi dhoop we all strive for! And such a weather calls for an outdoor brunch. And the perfect brunch requires the perfect outdoor setting.

Here is where we jump in! Are you too bored of the boring ordinary tableware that’s all around you? Or do you too have a creative itch that you badly need to satisfy? Well there’s no better way to utilise your creativity and talent than by taking a visit to the factory outlet store and selecting a wide array of fabrics to create your very own customised dining accessories.

Now before you get overwhelmed, and think this task is a very daunting one, we got Jannat from the HQ to take up this task and show you how to create a gorgeous to-die-for tablescape from plain rolls of fabric!

First things first – the table cloth

Every art piece needs a base and this is precisely what was done. Picking a neutral, minimal check fabric will ensure you have a neutral backdrop for all the accessories that are going to come after. This is perhaps the most fuss free and easy step of the entire process. We chose a bright contrasting printed fabric for the facing and adorned it with thread and pom pom tassels to make things more fun.

You know what goes over a table cloth – yes! A table runner. We chose one of the brightest prints we could find and ran it over the table cloth. Don’t be afraid to test your creativity. Add details like kachaa tankaa here and there to make it shine.

Customised dining accessories.

Choose some basic colored fabric to make your plate mats. You can test out your stitching skills – nothing too advanced, just a basic running stitch to appliqué flowers or patterns from other prints that caught your eye. If you’re not up to the task, just do some kambal taanka…or leave it bare and add pom poms at the corners to spruce things up a bit.

We also made cutlery holders and fabric coasters, just get on your silayee machine and make parallel stitches to give a quilted affect!

For the more adventurous amongst you, we suggest experimenting with a tea-cosy…we made one in a cheery yellow colour with bright floral print on it to remind us of the bahaar. Voila!


You have the perfect table for the perfect brunch. Wasn’t that easy?

What are you excited to try out first? We would love to see your experiments. Don’t forget to tag us!

The Factory Outlet is located 20 K.M. Ferozepur Road, Lahore. The store is open from 10am to 8pm, Monday-Sunday.
Contact: +92 42 35953334


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