Bahaar Aayi, Time for Almari ki Safai!

The Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning your Closet

We know we know, spring is a little far away, but we also know you’ve started to eye up those new season trends. And because we care for you deeply and want you to look fabulous in your crisp new joras, (if you haven’t got your hands on our pre-spring collections, what are you waiting for?) we want that worrying about closet space is the last thing on your mind!

So we’ve gathered up interesting spring cleaning hacks to make you feel like the ‘suljhee hui larki’ you so want people to believe you are!

Sweep the negativity along with all unnecessary items off the floor. You need a clear work station for the herculean task you’re going to perform.

Wipe those tears off your face and make three piles. Now is the time to start sorting. Make a ‘yes’ pile for those pieces you can’t part for the life of you (condition: you have to have worn them in the previous year). No hoarding allowed here. Make a ‘no’ pile for everything you haven’t worn in the previous year. This includes trends and clothes you have outgrown. And a ‘maybe’ pile for the pieces that may not be used frequently but have immense sentimental value.

Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Let it breathe! Your closet is your best friend, your most trusted companion which holds all things, (well most things) dear to you. Pull up your sleeves and wipe that baby clean. Grab that baking soda and your favourite cleaning spray scrub scrub scrub. We hardly clean closets which is why they tend to smell funky and stuffy at times.

Celebrate by having a chilled glass of juice and an online purchase to reward yourself for getting halfway done. We suggest our ‘Ottoman Voyage’ dress, perfect for the weather!

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Colour code items

Line up the survivors, your jigar ka tukras. It’s time to organize the items that survived the ordeal. Range from one end of the colour spectrum to the other. That can help you when trying to coordinate an outfit or look for a particular garment.

Match made in heaven

Pair trousers and kurtas that you typically wear together and hang them side by side. Now is a good time to invest in some lowers. Perhaps our ‘Ottoman Voyage’ frilled hem culottes?

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Highlight your favourites

Place items you don’t use frequently at the far end of the closet, and items you wear frequently front and centre. This will help you maintain a clean closet.


Research claims spring cleaning to be almost cathartic. The ‘no’ pile can be donated or repurposed. Check out our guide to reusing and repurposing old clothes here:
What are your secret spring cleaning hacks? Let us know in the comments below!

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