An Ode to “Dhoop Kinaray”

Taking style cues from 80s fashion “The Edge of the Sun”

Dhoop Kinaray – no matter what generation you are, you probably know of this classic. It made our mothers HUGE Marina Khan fans (and also some of us 90s kids!). She plays the eccentric Dr. Zoya, whose charm and electrifying personality captivates audiences even today. But what I want to bring to you is the impeccable style of the ladies.

The style of Dhoop Kinaray is: quite minimal (with a few exceptions of course), comfortable, practical and color coordinated to perfection.


Dr. Zoya – “Diana’s hair meets Girl Next Door’s style”

She is: quirky, carefree and a breath of fresh air. It shows in her iconic boycut, and her simple, practical, tomboyish and androgynous style.

This is one of my favorite Zoya looks! The tiny polka dots are adorable (dots are such a timeless pattern). The buttoned kameez and black chiffon dupatta are a markedly Zoya look.


This look is so uniquely Zoya because of the buttoned kameez. The fresh sky blue is such a lovely color for the summer and all the white additions make it a classic androgynous look. I personally love the cuffs and shoulder pads.

Our Zoya Look being replicated with small prints on a collared shirt with a hidden placket and some practicality with added pockets. Shop our Connecting the Dots shirt exclusively available online for Rs.1,499/-

Dhoop Kinaray made colour blocking really popular. Get this colour blocked Grandmas Coat top on sale for Rs.1,839/- online.

The Cardinal High-Low Hem shirt is very Zoya because of the collars and cuffs in plain fabric. Shop online for Rs. 1,619/-

The green Cardinal 2-Pc is super androgynous – loose and flowy but collared and cuffed. Shop here for Rs. 3,289/-

Anji – “Loud and Proud Femininity”

She is: feminine, exaggerated, out there and whimsical. Her hair is usually permed and pinned.Here Anji rocks a springy floral jora with bright pink dupatta and dangling earrings. The high neckline is super chic! Anji’s look is so fairytale princess-ish! The big puffed sleeves and the draped look go perfectly with her.

Moroccan Feista is something Anji would surely wear! Its loud, its floral and its super striking. Shop online for Rs. 1,898/-

With embroidery and susi details, the Russian Folkore Suit is playful, vibrant and springy – just like Anji’s style. Shop here for Rs. 6,998/-


Dr. Sheena – “Poised and Shokh

She is: old fashioned poise, elegance and luxe all wrapped up into one.

This famous look of hers is so timeless. Luxury fabrics in black with pearl studs, pearl strings and a pearl smile!

Here Dr. Sheena wears lots of elegant jewellery to pair up with the plain (but very luxe) plain yellow jora.

You can recreate Dr. Sheena’s yellow look by adorning this Chunri outfit with sequins embroidery. Pair it up with big studs! Shop here for Rs. 4,399/-

Can’t you just see Dr. Sheena in this elegant Shesh Ghar Coordinates with her pearls? Shop here for Rs. 4,298/-

Dhoop Kinaray is not only a beautiful story with the ladies in their white doctor’s coats looking both empowered and independent, but it is also a major fashion inspiration because of the timeless looks and the synchronization of the characters’ personal styles with their personalities.

Whether you want to go for Zoya’s androgynous looks, Anji’s loud and proud femininity, or Dr. Sheena’s old fashioned poise, let us know which one do you love the most?

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