An artist’s wish to save colours around her

A tet-a-tet with the artist Araimish Malik


We met the artist (Araimish)  for a tet-a-tet interview  at the F-9 park Islamabad, which disclosed a lot about aspirations and how climate change is a matter of extreme urgency and the world is marching towards solutions.

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Who is this artist?  Araimish Malik is an Islamabad based, green at heart artist . A graduate of NCA. She completed a one year program at the Florence classical arts academy in Italy earlier in August and has resumed practicing her art in Pakistan.

Sitting in the F-9 park, we realized  it’s the same for everyone, that every time we’ve looked at old family videos or photographs, the world in the background seemed better then. The F-9 park a few years back was not only just happier but healthier and greener, too.

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Read on as the artist  talks to us about their commitment to the environment and give a low down on what we as individuals can do.


Getting some perspective


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The first time I came across the idea of climate was during my early years in school. A time when people used to relate climate solely to the seasonal changes. Fast forward to 2006, 6th grade, I remember sitting around watching some awards. A few minutes into the awards, and somebody started speaking about climate change. That was probably the first official warning to us on a mass level regarding the global warming, and later delivered to us multiple times and on multiple platforms all over our television screens. I remember this particular incident because it shook an eleven year old me. Concerned people were begging the world to change its ways, their message being: “Our earth is getting warmer and dramatic changes are taking place; glaciers and icecaps are melting; animal species are going extinct; storms are getting stronger and deadlier. Our planet is in trouble.  Many of you already know this and have long since been connecting the dots.”


Generation with the solution

Today, Climate change is the foremost concern when we talk about the biggest problem our generation will face. The solution to any problem can be found once you acknowledge the problem itself. It’s about time that we do this. This is the generation that can literally save the world.

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At eleven years, it was resonating with my entire existence, because it was the first time I was told that I was a part of the solution to this problem. I used to do everything that I possibly could from saving energy around the house, to trying to minimize plastic use, to lecturing everyone about the “Global warming” crisis. But at that time, the rest of the world had other problems already on their tables, and nobody cared enough for what could’ve been turned into a global threat in the years to follow.

Being and bringing the change

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Coming back to the present, I was abroad first half of this year, and hardly heard about plastic ban on social media. But, coming back to this society that is now aware and taking steps towards a cleaner and greener environment, has made me feel both proud and relieved. Thirteen years later from that award show, I finally see Abbas Chacha in the kitchen with his “tote bags” of groceries and telling me how he knows exactly what climate change is now, because it’s the hottest it’s ever been in his village. I am glad that people around me at home are making informed and rational decisions, in order to play their part in keeping our planet plastic free. Also, the efforts are not limited to empty words, rather people are ready and making lifestyle changes accordingly.

Araimish Malik is in Boho Folk  kurta. Shop this kurta in stores and online for Rs.3,998/-

Let’s do our part!


Araimish Malik is in Kolai Nomads shirt. Shop this shirt in stores and online.

Despite the countless differences across the planet, all human beings are equally threatened by the changes that are on outcome of global warming, thus giving us all a sense of purpose. Everyone agrees and looks forward to start adapting cleaner, healthier and more environmentally friendly lifestyle choices.

One thing that we can be sure about is that it isn’t too late to start saving the planet. Climate March is one more step forward in this journey. Everyone should actively be a part of spreading awareness. Making every day active efforts can have a huge impact for the better. Every time, carry your own water container, and say no to a plastic bag or a straw. Doing your part is all it takes to be a part of the process.


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