7-Timeless Joras for your next dholki!

Invest in pieces that will transcend generations.

In the puraana zamaana, our belongings were meant to last because we had fewer options for replacements. The khandaani heirlooms would be passed down to generations. Balochi galas on a simple brightly coloured linen kameez, dadi’s favourite kashmiri shawl, ammi ke valimay ka gharara- these were irreplaceable items, and had such a sense of purpose and sentimental value attached to them. Fast forward to today we expect clothes to be cheap – in fact; we get annoyed when they are not. What we forget to notice is that cheap clothes are too expensive because their wearability is less, their fashion is fleeting and they’re usually not built to last…especially when it comes to formal wear!
GENERATION believes in timeless classics that can be passed down to generations (pun totally intended) and so perfectly timed with the oncoming wedding season (you’re welcome)

We have compiled a list of timeless, evergreen formal wear that can be dressed up or down as the situation calls so when a formal wedding, dawat or dholki pops out of thin air, you won’t have to panic because these pieces will already been hanging in your closet, ready for you to flaunt at a moment’s notice.

Our tip: It’s best to stick to pieces that are fun, flattering but can stay in your closet year after year.

Gota and block print…name a better duo, we’ll wait. Gota is a timeless classic and block print dates even farther back.


This muted pink Gota Suit is available in stores and online for Rs.9,898/-

This iconic duo is bound to make a permanent place in your wardrobe and the simple, classic cuts can easily be passed down over the years. A good rule of thumb when buying timeless formals is to go for simple, clean cuts that will never go out of style. Get this green number adorned with a gold gota neckline and embellished shalwar or if you’d rather stick to the classics, opt for this pretty muted pink shalwar kameez speckled with a silver gota chatta and a mint green dupatta.

This muted pink Gota Suit is available in stores and online for Rs.9,998/-


are something everyone has in their ammi’s sandook. We have, for you, a wide selection of velvet outfits, ranging from shawls to beautifully sequenced self on self kurtas; kotis with intricate cross-stitch motifs adorned with dabka and majestic looking shawls in deep maroons and blacks, fit for royalty and bound to transcend seasons.

Gold never goes out of style! Catch all the attention at your next formal event in this intricately embroidered Golden piece, with delicate sequins and gold tilla details. Shop this beautiful Golden number from our Sunehri Riwayat collection today!

Shop this timeless piece for Rs.9898/-  and more from our Sunehri Rawayat collection online!

This beautifully appliquéd velvet shawl is bound to become a family heirloom. Gota and tilla details adorn this richly coloured velvet shawl, just in time for winter wedding season in Pakistan! Shop from our Farsh-e-Gul collection online and in stores! If you’re looking for a shawl to pair with them all, look no more!

Shop this Farsh-e-Gull Shawl in stores and online for Rs.15,998/-


Get this gold tissue number to pair with any and all of your formal joras!

Shop this Mushk dupatta in stores and online for Rs.8,998/-


Want to know one more thing that never goes out of style? Silk! Think about the formal silk joras that your mum used to wear. Richly coloured, simple silk ensembles that stand out whether they are plain or heavily embroidered, whether they are monochromatic or heavily contrasted. That is the beauty of silk! Look no further and take your pick from our Chamak collection

Shop this Chamak Suit in stores and online for Rs.8,998/-

This richly hued three piece is embroidered with silver tilla. Simply pair it with your favourite chaand baali and khussa and you’re ready to go.

If heavy embroidery is not your thing and you prefer clean cuts and simple garments to dress up or down depending on your mood, perhaps this Royals of Kutch is more your thing. Shop online now!

Shop this Royals of Kutch Kurta in stores and online for Rs.4,698/-

What’s your favourite piece from mum’s sandook? Let us know in the comments below!

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