5 things to ditch this Eid!

We always make New Year Resolutions but it’s about time we put some thought into how we spend one of the most important family holidays. From styling to spending your day, here’s what you should ditch this Eid:

1. Ditch laziness, get crafty!

Nothing spells love better than making something with your own hands for the ones you love. We are making heart shaped origami Eidi envelopes this time around. You can make them too! There are tons of tutorials online to guide you. So go on…get crafty this Eid!

2. Ditch Eid messages, spread love with cards!

They are a glowing example of traditions and nostalgia! Maybe send out Eid cards this time instead of boring broadcast messages?! Check out these cute cards from www.shopkishmish.com. You can shop for more at local greeting card retailers such as The Card Company, Hallmark, Shoppe, Billboard, Saeed Book Bank and many others!

3. Ditch Mehndi, get tattoos!

We agree that Eid without Mehndi is impossible but why not try white,gold and black Mehndi inspired tattoos this time?

4. Ditch trousers for some old-school ghararas!

Turn heads in GENERATION’s signature ghararas on Eid! Shop at your nearest store to see our #newin styles.

5. Ditch the notion that Saris are for weddings, don our hand block-printed ones this Eid!

We know you love Saris as much as we do and that’s why, our exquisitely hand block-printed Cotton Saris are your ticket to this Eid! Shop them at your nearest GENERATION store and online.

Eid Mubarak in advance!

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