Breathing a new life into leftover fabrics

Say hello to our brand new RRR collection: a new, repurposed line of cool, one of kind accessories made entirely from leftover fabric. You’ll find envelopes, bags, scrunchies, headbands and other everyday items from fabrics generated as part of our making and innovative process. This initiative is in an attempt to make sustainability a part of our production line and breathing new life into our leftover fabric to come up with interesting, environment friendly solutions. Consider these accessories a fun extension of GENERATION itself.


Multi-coloured Scrunchies are available at your nearest GENERATION store for Rs.95/-


Don’t feel that old yet! Relive your school days by styling your hair with these scrunchies from our leftover fabric. Bring back an old favourite from the 80s and 90s by putting your hair up in a scrunchie and letting loose! (PS. They also make great gifts for your friends)



Multi-coloured Scrunchies are available at your nearest GENERATION store for Rs.340/-


Keepsake fabric envelopes adorned with gota details make for a perfect salami ka lifaafa. The best part? They are made from 100% upcycled, leftover fabric which means you are doing your part for the environment as the recipients will hold on to these envelopes (or pass them forward) instead of tossing them in the bin.


Sleeping Mask

Sleeping masks are available at your nearest GENERATION store for Rs.125/-


Catch up on your much needed beauty sleep by sleeping like a baby with the help of our sleeping masks and dream of a greener, cleaner future. These masks could also make thoughtful gifts for family members or mom friends who desperately need some shut-eye time.


Smog Masks

Smog masks are available at your nearest GENERATION store for Rs.160/-


Prepare yourself for the much dreaded smog season ahead by investing in this soft, breathable smog mask. Get one for yourself and friends and protect yourself from the toxic air that is bound to enter your lungs.


Makeup Pouch/ Toiletry bag

Makeup Pouch is available at your nearest GENERATION store for Rs.698/-


Store your make up essentials in this glam, quilted makeup pouch. The soft quilting will protect your precious eyeshadows and lipsticks and this convenient size can slip into any of your bags. Our bag is fully lined with waterproof material to have your back in case of any spilling mishaps. This multipurpose bag can comfortably hold a phone, keys, wallet and more.


Produce Bags

Produce bags are available at your nearest GENERATION store starting from Rs.100/-


These sturdy, net produce bags are specifically designed to help your bhindi, kaddu and other perishables fresh. We couldn’t be more thrilled at the recent ‘no plastic bag’ initiative and these bags are our solution to your grocery shopping needs. It’s time to go sabzi shopping in style!

In traditional retail, about 35% of fabric can end up on the cutting hall floor. In most companies, there is a considerable amount of waste – especially if things are mass produced. With their RRR collection, GENERATION is using its characteristic creativity to make use of every last scrap! In  stores near you.
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